What do my rubber bands do?

Rubber bands are essential to correct bites. Braces themselves cannot do what rubber bands can, so it is crucial to wear rubber bands when told to ensure your treatment doesn’t take longer than expected. 

What do the different animals on the package mean?

The animals represent the different sizes and forces of the rubber bands. If you have many different packages of animals, only use the animal that Dr. Kopf prescribed.

What do I do if run out or lost my rubber bands?

It is essential to get some more as quickly as possible. Stop by the office and we will be happy to supply you with more. We can also send them in the mail if you can’t make it to the office.

What happens if I don’t wear my rubber bands or if I only wear them sometimes and not the full time?

If you don’t wear your rubber bands, the teeth won’t move, the bite won’t be corrected, and the teeth won’t align appropriately. This will happen too if you only wear rubber bands for a couple hours or wear them really well for a couple weeks and then forget the next week. Wearing rubber bands for a short amount of time will move the teeth, but as soon as you stop wearing them, the teeth move back to where they came from. They don’t like change! Only the continuous force of the rubber bands will cause the teeth to move adequately.

Will doubling up my rubber bands make treatment go faster?

No. There’s a limit to how fast a tooth moves. When the optimal force is applied to the tooth,  the tooth will move as fast as it can. Any additional force or pressure will not move the tooth any faster. In fact, when a tooth feels too much force or pressure, it can “put on the brakes” and move even slower.