What happens at the first free consultation?

The first visit is very easy. Dr. Kopf will listen to your concerns about your teeth, bite, and smile. She will do a thorough exam of your teeth, gums, bite and jaws. After the exam, she will give you her recommendation, treatment fees, payment plans and treatment time estimations. We will also check your dental insurance benefit. We will then set you up for the next steps on the path to a beautiful smile.

Do I need a referral from a dentist to make an appointment?

No. Referrals are recommended but not needed. We do keep in contact with your dentist at the beginning and throughout treatment so they are aware of your treatment progress. Often, the orthodontist and dentist work together. It is important to keep up with your 3-6 month regular dentist visits.

What does orthodontic treatment cost?

Since orthodontic treatment is individualized, the fee for orthodontic care varies based on severity, type of appliances used (braces, Invisalign®, etc) and estimated length of treatment. According to the American Dental Association Survey of Dental Fees for 2016, the fee for comprehensive adolescents ranged from $4,978 to 6,900. Comprehensive treatment for adults ranged from $5,100 to $7,045. Our fees for comprehensive care are within those ranges. 

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes! Our payment plans require a down payment and then monthly payments with no interest. If you desire, we can sign you up for automatic monthly payments so you don’t have to worry about coming in to pay or sending in payments every month.

Do we take insurance? How much will it cover?

We take all insurances. We are providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Delta Dental, but do run claims for all insurance companies. We check your insurance coverage during your initial free consultation, so be sure to bring your insurance card with you. 

Do we take Medicaid?

Unfortunately, we do not take Medicaid at this time. 

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Length of treatment varies based on severity, age, and dental development. Orthodontic treatment is not a “quick fix.” It takes time to move teeth and correct bites in a healthy and safe way. Typically, comprehensive treatment can take 12-18 months for less complex cases and 18-24 months for more complex cases.